A few more from July!

I seem to have hit the jackpot when it comes to prepared clients! I recently had to get my family dressed for our own family photographs and IT IS A LOT OF WORK guys! My clients this summer have not only been extremely well co-ordinated when it comes to outfits but they also manage to get some beautiful set ups for their littles ones cake smash sessions. It truly takes a lot of organization and planning and one of my favorite things to do is helping clients streamline this process to make their session flow as smooth as possible. I find it extremely helpful during the session when parents and I are on the same page on how the hour is going to flow - which is why I send clients a long email on how to prep and plan for their cake smash session.

You wouldn't guess based on these images that both these sessions were captured on one of the hottest days in July AND we were able to capture each session within an hour (family shots, solo shots, pictures with each parent, cake smash set up, cake smash and clean up included!)  

Here are some of my favorites from each! :-)

June Favorites

I can't believe June has almost come to an end... I am starting to slowly ramp up the number of sessions I take for each month and not sure how the month flew by with these fun session. I'm really enjoying my return back to photography... much more than I had anticipated and a big part of that credit goes to the amazing clients I have been working with. 

Here are a few favorites from each of my June Sessions! Thanks for stopping by the blog.