Northern Virginia - Family Photography Session

Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to summer so far. I've had a weekend off from sessions so hoping to catch up on blog posts this week. 

Starting with one of my favorite families who I've had the pleasure of capturing for a few years now. I'm also super grateful to this Momma for introducing me to one of my FAVORITE session locations in the Northern Virginia area.

Here are a few that I Loved from this Spring session.


Baby girl - Newborn session - D.C.

If you've been following my work for some time, you know how much I love capturing my newborn babies in their homes. Some for obvious reasons like making it easy on parents, easy to feed and change baby as often as needed... but one of my other reasons is that I LOVE to capture the family images in the baby's nursery or other parts of the homes. I always get a sense of warmth and coziness from these images. 

This blog post is the perfect example of just that... we got some beautiful posed images of baby girl by herself as well as some beautiful pictures of baby being cuddled and kissed by Mom & Dad. The best part the backdrop for these images wasn't a studio style set up but it was the heart filled gorgeous nursery that Mom put so much love and thought into.

Here are a few images of both part of the session.


Fairfax Newborn Photographer, Northern Virginia

I've really been enjoying playing with various color combinations for all my recent newborn sessions. I'm glad I get to use my creativity and vision to create something custom for my clients as well as capture some of their creativity and vision that they poured into their little one's nursery. Being able to capture both posed and lifestyle images allows my clients to have a nice variety of pictures in their gallery. Not to mention, you truly get to see how little my little clients are when being cuddled by Mom and Dad :-)

Here are a few of my favorites from a recent session in Northern Virginia. Thanks for stopping by!

Newborn Family Session

One of the best parts about being a family photographer is watching families grow and little babies become full on toddlers. It's the most amazing thing to me. I had the pleasure of capturing one such family a few weekends ago. I had done big sisters newborn session a few years ago and now baby sister. Both these girls were so good to me for the session. 

Here are a few of my favorite images from their session


Baby Girl A - Howard County, MD - Newborn Session

This sweet little family recently welcomed baby 2. It was so incredibly amazing to watch big brother with his baby sister. He was curious yet so gentle with her. He absolutely enjoyed every minute of holding her and interacting with her and it always melts my heart watching the parents soak it all in. Pieces of their hearts, out in this world, interacting and forming a bond with each other :-) Is there anything sweeter. 

Here are a few of my favorites from this newborn session.

Baby L, 10 days new - Montgomery County, MD Newborn Session

I'm so behind on updating my blog and with busy season right around the corner... I had to spend some time today to share this one. Baby L is as dreamy as they come. His session was so special to me as I've know his Mom & Dad for many many years now.

I loved the colors and the style if his nursery... you can tell Mom & Dad poured their hearts into it :-)

Here are a few of my favorites from Baby L's newborn session in Montgomery County, MD.


Vienna Newborn Session

It's been 4 months since my last blog post! Yikes!!! The holiday season flew by and things have been busy around here for Pretty in Pic Photography. Between sessions and some photography retreats and classes I've sufficiently ignored my blog. Catching up will take too long but I just wanted to hop on here and share some images from a recent in home newborn session. 

I hope you are all enjoying this mild winter we are having :-) Thanks for stopping by!

A little Fall Sneak Peek (Part II)

Another 80 degree day as I'm preparing part II of the Fall Series blog posts. I really hope we don't pay the price for this with a prolonged winter... Come March/April, I'll be ready for outdoor sessions again :-)

Here are a few peeks from some of the beautiful families I've had the honor of working with and photographing in the past few months. Hope you enjoy them!

A little Fall Sneak Peek (Part I)

It has been well over a month since my last blog post! Fall is always busy for photographers and October weather this year has allowed for some gorgeous outdoor sessions where no one has been freezing their behinds to get great captures! Its 80 degrees outside (has been for the past few days) so it does feel weird to share Fall Sneak Peeks... but here they are anyways!


August Favorites

My family and I are off to Disney World in a few days! I just sent out my last edited gallery for the month of August and realized I haven't shared any of the sessions on the blog yet. So here are a few favorites from my August sessions! 

It's been extremely hot and humid so I'm looking forward to the coming months where the temperatures will be a little cooler for my outdoor sessions!

A few more from July!

I seem to have hit the jackpot when it comes to prepared clients! I recently had to get my family dressed for our own family photographs and IT IS A LOT OF WORK guys! My clients this summer have not only been extremely well co-ordinated when it comes to outfits but they also manage to get some beautiful set ups for their littles ones cake smash sessions. It truly takes a lot of organization and planning and one of my favorite things to do is helping clients streamline this process to make their session flow as smooth as possible. I find it extremely helpful during the session when parents and I are on the same page on how the hour is going to flow - which is why I send clients a long email on how to prep and plan for their cake smash session.

You wouldn't guess based on these images that both these sessions were captured on one of the hottest days in July AND we were able to capture each session within an hour (family shots, solo shots, pictures with each parent, cake smash set up, cake smash and clean up included!)  

Here are some of my favorites from each! :-)

June Favorites

I can't believe June has almost come to an end... I am starting to slowly ramp up the number of sessions I take for each month and not sure how the month flew by with these fun session. I'm really enjoying my return back to photography... much more than I had anticipated and a big part of that credit goes to the amazing clients I have been working with. 

Here are a few favorites from each of my June Sessions! Thanks for stopping by the blog.



Family Session in Bethesda

I am really enjoying seeing past clients back in front of my camera again! Its hard to believe that not so long ago I was capturing big sister's 6 month session. Time sure is flying by. 

I met this awesome (and might I add well co-ordinated for their session) family for their session in one of my favorite locations in Bethesda, MD. We were able to capture some beautiful family portraits as well as adorable interactions between sisters. As a mother to two girls, the sisters interacting and making each other smile and giggle is absolutely priceless to me.

Here are just a few of my favorites from their session!

1st Birthday Milestone Sessions!

A baby's first birthday is a huge milestone! Not just for the baby but also for us as parents. That first year is full of so many amazing experiences and so many frustrating ones. I remember when my older daughter turned 1, I was so torn. At times it felt like it all flew by but the flashbacks of those long sleepless nights and the newborn stage felt like they were a lifetime ago. I guess as cliche as it may sound - the days are long but the years are short indeed. 

I have 4 that's right Fourrr "1st birthday sessions" for the month of July!! And a few of them include cake smash sessions 😃

These sessions are so incredibly special to me. Whether you chose to incorporate a smash or a few milestone props or just want some candid pictures of and with your little ones - a first birthday session is one that you will cherish for years to come. Here are a few from some of my past sessions including a few of my "not so little anymore" little one. 

May Maternity Sessions

I am so excited to be getting back to photography this month! If only the weather would allow for more outdoor sessions. The rain and dreary weather have been relentless for the last few weeks. I'm glad I was able to get a few sessions in at the beginning of the month when the rain stopped for a few hours... especially since these were Maternity sessions and there are only so many weekends we can keep rescheduling them for :-) 

Here are a few images from the two Maternity sessions earlier this month! Even though the sun didn't shine, these mommas were glowing enough to make up for it! Thank you for stopping by.

Lifestyle In Home Newborn Sessions

Capturing your new bundle of joy in the first few weeks of life is absolutely priceless. It is amazing to see newborns do anything... even if it is being sound asleep! While I do love posing teeny tiny newborn babies on blankets and baskets... my true passion and heart lies in lifestyle photography! There isn't anything more beautiful than watching parents completely smitten by their babies. What's more important is that moms don't have to pack up everything they need and go to a studio. With a lifestyle session, I come to you. You can nurse, change and rock your baby in the comfort of your home. Leave the rest to me!

Here are a few images from some of my newborn sessions... Thank you for stoping by!